Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Abyow ?

Abyow is a real time AI & ML enabled dating app which increases one's chances of finding a potential match within 30 seconds.

Its the Usain Bolt of dating apps.

2. Does Abyow show me advertisements ?

Abyow doesn't show any advertisements to any of its users.

3. Does Abyow track me or collect, share or sell my data with/to third parties ?

Abyow neither tracks you nor does it collect, share or sell one's data with/to anyone. You can check the data safety section on google play store for more information.

4. Does Abyow show or connect me with fake/paid users or bots ?

Abyow is built as the sun of hope for all those who are tired of swiping fake, misleading, inactive and non-responsive profiles or bots or fake users and matches.

Everything and everyone is real here and Abyow saves one's invaluable time by not indulging in any cheap tactics like other swiping based boring dating apps as mentioned.

5. How much does it cost per month to use Abyow ?

All the features are completely accessible by all the users for free. No card required.

6. What are the best features of Abyow which one should definitely check out ?

Currently, the best features which set Abyow apart from the "so called" dating apps are Discover, Random Search, TID and Explore alongwith Block Phone Contacts.

7. What is random search and how it works ?

In random search, both the users tap the random search button and if they are a potential match (which means if they satisfy each other's preferences such as age, location and gender), they are connected with each other and are taken to a chat box where they have to chat with each other at least for 5 minutes and only after that, can they view each other's profile and decide whether its a match or not.

8. What is discover and how it works ?

In discover, the user can view all the potential matches (who are online on the app right now or have our app in his/her/their recent apps) on a map. The user can send any user a chat request and the receiver has to either accept or reject the request within 30 seconds.

If the request is accepted, the two users are taken to a chat box where they have to chat with each other at least for 5 minutes and only after that, can they view each other's profile and decide whether its a match or not.

In case the request is rejected or no action is taken by the other user, the request stands exhausted.

9. What is TID and how it works ?

TID is a patented feature which helps two random strangers make an online connection on Abyow without sharing any personal or sensitive information such as phone numbers, social media profiles and so on. A user has to generate a TID (a 4 digit alphanumeric code which whenever generated, is always unique and exclusive) from within the app and share it with the other user. The other user searches the first user through the TID (acting here as a temporary address) and sends him/her/them a TID connection request.

The request receiver can either accept/reject the TID connection request or let it expire (span is 24 hours) by not taking any action.

If the request is accepted, a TID connection is established and the two users can chat, share media or can communicate through audio/video call with each other.

If the request is rejected or expires, the second user will need a new TID from the first user and follow the same procedure again.

In a nutshell,

"One TID, One User, One Action, One Connection."

10. What is explore and how it works ?

Explore enables the users to share their everyday moments with their potential matches and also stay updated with the moments shared by the other users.

11. What is block phone contacts and how it works ?

This feature can be used through Settings > Block Phone Contacts.

Once a user blocks someone, the other user would not be able to view.

  1. him/her/them on the map in Discover
  2. his/her/their posts in explore.

The contacts can be unblocked through Settings > Blocked Contacts.

If your question isn't listed in this section, kindly reach out to us through and we will revert as soon as possible.

Lots of Love,

Team Abyow

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